#189 – Forever Looking at You …Jay B

Jeff, we love this piece you created for my wife’s birthday present. We live on Six Mile Lake in Georgian Bay area and we have a few Bard Owls that come around.  They are usually elusive but active at night.  They call back and forth to each other across the bay on hot summer nights.I thought this would be a …

#182 – Winterspell …Karen G

I’ve followed Jeff’s work for a while. I’m not an art connoisseur but I know what I like and I LOVE Jeff’s technique! I had been eagerly awaiting a new addition to his “winter” paintings. When he posted his new painting “Winterspell” on his instagram account, I rushed to contact him.  We have a home in the Blue Mountains, Ontario …

#168 – Memories …Melissa M

I’d been following Jeff’s work on Instagram for some time, and loved his style, use of vivid colour, and how he beautifully captured movement in his paintings.  My daughter’s dad had just passed away in a tragic car accident, and the two of them vacationed together in New Brunswick, and at his family farm, just 2 weeks prior. She was …

#94 – Spirit Guide …Ann B

I found Jeff on facebook & find his art amazing. I was drawn to Spirit Guide because it reminded me of my blue dog. It is one of my favourite pieces. Jeff is truly talented & I look forward to seeing his creations. I would recommend Jeff to anyone looking for that special piece. Ann B.

#160 – Sunflowers …Lee B

Jeff, I think that I chose the Sunflowers painting because I just connected with it right away when I first saw it. I love your painting style and you have so many others that I would be proud to display on my walls.  Blessings, Lee B.

#91 – Sun Touched Paris …Todd H

My wife and I became infatuated by Paris upon our first visit. The history, majestic art galleries, romantic cafe’s and world renown architecture worked its magic.  Every time we gaze upon Jeff’s painting “Sun Touched Paris”, we are transported back in time to that magnificent city. Todd H.