The Grand Magazine, 2015

Jeff Dillon is a Canadian artist best known for his vibrant use of colour and texture in his interpretation of wild landscapes and nature scenes, to urban streetscapes and their architectural details.

From an early age Jeff developed a deep love of nature and animals. He began sketching the fields and farmlands around his home. Later, this developed into a fascination for weather patterns and the multi-faceted impressions that change in weather has on the land. Themes of storms, cloud patterns, water movement, craggy coasts and hidden groves come alive in Jeff’s paintings.

What began in youthful curiosity quickly became a passion for art and nature. Drawn by his love of the natural world Jeff studied horticulture and landscape design in order to deepen his knowledge of the world around him. Inspired by the natural world Jeff’s art has since expanded to include birds, animals, and figurative drawing. As Jeff’s skill as a painter grew so did the detail and vibrancy of his work.

Jeff describes his work as heavily influenced by European and Canadian landscape artists in their use of bold colour and style. He takes inspiration from both and applies his own style, by intensifying colour with illustrative flair.

Target to complete
200 paintings in
10 years by
Dec 31, 2021